Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Baking Mad!

Wow its been a long time!

I have neglected my blog.

Family life, work and studying has taken over lately!

I always seem to be busy busy busy!

Today i have added to my busy life with a new challenge!

A baking challenge!

Yesterday an internet friend of mine announced she plans to set up her own cupcake business.

Another internet friend already has a successful business, My Mummy's Yummy Cupcakes.

I sat pondering to myself for a while and then decided i am going to try and jump on the cup cake selling bandwagon.

I enjoy baking and would love to improve my decorating skills, so i am going to practice practice practice and see if i can get any interest from people to buy my cupcakes.

The way forward for me i think is to set up a facebook page to show what i can do and then hope it goes on from there!

I have used this as an excuse to pop to the local cake decorating shop today and purchase some goodies!

Today i have been baking mad! I have successfully baked a giant cupcake! My 1st attempt failed but my 2nd attempt worked! Yay!

I recently bought a rabbit, a butterfly and a train cake mould in the Lakeland sale.

Today i baked the butterfly and rabbit and they worked!

I also made some cupcakes.

Here is how they all turned out:

The Rabbit

The Giant Cupcake


The cupcakes presented in a posh box

The Butterfly

They are now waiting for me to practice my decorating skills ready for Soapy Owls birthday on Sunday!

Friday, 9 July 2010


On our day out at Tractor Teds Farm Show i entered a raffle.

Oli and Soapy were happily playing on this wooden toy tractor and train:

When the lady on the stand asked me to buy a raffle ticket.

As my children were happily playing on the models i felt obliged to buy one.

It would have been rude not too.

But the tickets cost a £1 and i had no money after purchasing Tractor Ted T-Shirts and the new DVD for Oli and Soapy.

So i had to ask Daddy for money.

With a lot of moaning and groaning and pulling faces he handed over the £1!

You would have thought i had asked for a lot more, (as i usually do!).

The raffle was to win this

and would be drawn at 4:30pm but if we were not there and we won they would call.

We were driving home, both children were asleep and i had the i pod on full blast singing along when i was interrupted by my phone ringing.

It was a number not saved on my phone.

The time was 4:35pm.

daddy picked up my phone and as he did i said maybe we have won the raffle.

Guess what.

We did!

We won the train engine!

I was so excited. What a wicked prize to win. It will look fab in the garden and the children will love it!

I can not wait for it to be delivered!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tractor Ted

From a very young age Oli Owl has been obsessed with Tractor Ted.

We own ALL the Tractor Ted DVDs and they are all VERY well watched by both Daddy and Oli.

On Sunday Oli Owl got the opportunity to meet Tractor Ted at a farm show at Longleat.

It was a great day out!

Oli and Soapy were very excited and when we arrived were uncontrollable with excitement!

You would not believe that we live on a farm, have our own animals and our own tractors that they see everyday!

They were running round with excitement, climbing on tractors and looking at the animals.

It was great to see them so happy and having a fun time.

It made the painful hour in the car - lots of screaming, crying and are we there yets - well worth it!

Here are a few photos of our day at Tractor Teds Farm Show.

Oli and Soapy by the Forage Harvester

Soapy and the Sheep

Soapy and the Cows

Soapy in her new Tractor Ted T-Shirt

Oli and Tractor Ted

Meet Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle

I am not talking about the Cbeebies characters.

I am introducing the new additions to our family.

Upsy Daisy


Iggle Piggle

Oli Owl and Soapy Owls new pets!

The names were chosen by Oli and Soapy.

Both rabbits are little girls but Oli Owl was sure he wanted to call his pet Iggle Piggle!

Oli Owl has been saving his pennies from the 'sleep fairy' to buy himself a rabbit and here they are.

Oli and Soapy love their new rabbits and are always out in the garden playing with them!

Oli is very gentle with them, he loves to sit stroking Iggle Piggle and wants to do all the 'looking after' himself, (i hope that lasts)!

Upsy Daisy has not had it so good.

Soapy Owl can be a little bit rough and is often being told off by Oli.

Oli gets quiet upset if Soapy handles the rabbits wrong.

On their 1st evening in their new garden we caught Soapy carrying poor Upsy Daisy around by her ears, poor bunny.

I must add she does seem unaffected by this and still enjoys her cuddles.

They love munching carrots.

Oli Owl will sit with them both equally sharing the carrots, one bite for Iggle Piggle and then one for Upsy Daisy, its so cute.

Oli insisted on buying a play tunnel for the rabbits.

It is money well spent as they love running through it and sleeping in it.

Soapy also thought it was a great buy and tried it out for herself:

Friday, 2 July 2010

Sports Day!

Today was the Nursery Sports Day!

Oli Owls 2nd sports day and Soapy Owls 1st Sports Day!

I was very excited to be going to watch both my babies take part!

This time last year Soapy was in a pushchair sleeping whilst Oli took part, she has grown up far too quickly!

Soapy was in the Wrens red team and Oli was in the Robins red team.

They looked so cute in their matching red t-shirts.

I was such a proud Mummy today.

Both of them took part with no tears.

I was worried that they would see me in the crowd, (in my front row position), and want me!

But no, they saw me, waved and carried on sitting quietly in their groups and taking part in their races.

Such a proud Mummy moment!

Surprisingly i did not even feel upset that they didn't want me when they saw me ;)

They both took part in 3 races.

Soapy in a running race, crawling race and jumping race!

It was so cute to watch a group of 2 and 3 year olds attempting these races.

Soapy was not impressed with crawling in shorts so adopted a position with just her hands and feet on the floor and her bum stuck right in the air so that her knees did not touch the floor. So cute!

Oli took part in a running race, backwards walking race and a balance a beanbag on your head race!

It was very funny watching 3 year olds walking with a little beanbag on their head, they were so careful and not many cheated by holding them on!

It was a very fun morning, looking forward to next year already!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


My hard work paid off.

The hours spent with my head in my books was worth it.

I have passed my first Open University Course, Understanding Children.

It was so long ago that i posted about submitting my final essay and now i have the results!

I got the highest mark available.


I am chuffed to bits.

It shows i can still do it!

After 10 years I can still successfully study!


Since finishing this course i have started my new one, Introducing the Social Sciences.

I have been finding it hard to get into this course.

It is hard to study when the sun is shining and the days are longer.

There are so many more exciting things that i want to do with my time!

But i have managed to get in some study time.

Admittedly, not as much as i should be.

But i still managed to pass my first assignment with a mark of 85%!

After the rush to get it in i am very pleased with my result!

Now to get on and do assignment number two!

I have set myself a very high standard to keep up with.

Off to study hard!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fathers Day Creativity

With fathers day on Sunday i thought i better help Oli and Soapy Owl create a little gift for Daddy Owl.

I was not going to bother giving gifts.

Just because i had no inspiration.

We have done the 'i love daddy' photo frames;

and the mugs

and the socks

and the fridge magnet!

Daddy Owls only hobby is his tractors and he has everything tractor related.

He is so hard to buy for!

Especially when I wanted something from the children,

something special,

something to say we love you Daddy, thanks for being you.

Then Snaffles Mummy gave me an idea to be creative, Gift Jars

I was not keen on Daddy Owl and the babies cooking in my kitchen,

so we came up with these sweeties in the jar;

He loves sweets so will be very happy to receive these gifts from his babies.